Mentoring is different from Coaching - Coaching is customized to the students need and it's usually 1:1 but Mentoring is about leading you on a PROVEN path or method.

In this program we will help you turn your contacts into contracts using organic marketing.

The examples given in the program are for two types of Businesses - Coaching Businesses and B2B Agency Businesses. In the weekly QnA sessions you will be able to ask your specific questions about how you can customize the program to fit YOUR business and go from a STRESSFUL business model to a Productized Service Model

Having said that - this program works For ANY Service-Based Business looking to start or grow their online business

What's included.

 - First 6 weeks Foundational Training

 - 6 months of Weekly Support 

 - After the Foundational Training you get ONE 1to1 Strategy call with Romuald

 - Learning management system - The program videos are dripped out every week

 - You get to ask your questions LIVE every Tuesday in a small group environment

 - Worksheets, Recorded Videos and cheatsheets will be provided


Additional Benefits

 - Faster - Clients usually get results in 3 to 6 months.

 - Simpler Program Material.


New Additions to the Program 

 - Ask me about the FAST TRACK Option so that you can launch even faster – VALUE $1400 for no additional cost

- Special Option for people who don't have the time to focus on Content – VALUE $47 per month for no additional cost

- BBM Members get FREE ACCESS to the Annual Planning LIVE Sessions which are going to be held in December 2022 – VALUE $200 for no additional cost

Cancellation Policy.

This is a 3-month payment plan for a 6 month mentoring program.

You may cancel at any point - but if you do choose to cancel you lose access to all the training videos.

Once you complete the 3-month payment plan you get lifetime access to the videos without any additional fees

About Me

I come from a background of Franchise Consulting so my primary area's of expertise are


Strategy and


But I have a team of people that I work with and I am happy to put you in touch with them depending on what the needs of YOUR business are. 

Most of my work is in the public domain and a simple Google search for "Romuald Andrade" will tell you all you need to know about me.

But this is NOT about me - This is .....

About YOU

In order to be the best candidate to get results, you must have at least 5 paying clients already and have a pretty clear idea of who you enjoy helping the most.

You must also have an IDEA about what kind of Coaching Program or what kind of a Marketing Agency you want to create.

You need to be comfortable either with writing posts or with doing live videos. However the focus of this course will be on writing 3 types of posts which can also be used as scripts for your live videos.

Why writing content is not optional as a business owner!

"When you can articulate a person’s problem better than they can, they automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution".

- By Wyatt Woodsmall

The Price?

It is a monthly retainer of $600 per month. You pay in advance for every month and you can cancel at any time without any notice period. 

There are also some special goodies that are available only for action-takers - So see you on the other side!

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